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Cigarettetree.com is one of the best suppliers of HEETS and IQOS products. We started as a small brand with deliveries to local clubs and stores in Georgia. One step at a time, our sales area was gradually expanding. The area of our responsibility increased from the small regional outreach to the whole-city coverage. And now we sell our products online in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

Why choose us?

Cigarettetree.com is the leading provider of original HEETS for IQOS tobacco-heating devices. We make a specialty out of top-quality product distribution at competitive prices.

We believe in:

“We deliver high-quality products that satisfy our customers in full. We believe that our professional activities will help you quit smoking completely or at least not to return to smoking traditional cigarettes that burn tobacco.”

Delivery speed:

You can choose free shipping or EMS. Delivery periods range from 10 (example) to 25 days (example) (for both delivery service providers mentioned before). If your parcel with order is lost on the road or delayed for more than 30 days, we will return your money or resend your order. Read more in our shipping policy.

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